Cat Care

Tips and guidelines to take care of a cat.

7 min readApr 9, 2022
TukTuk — the King Cat
· Checklist as a first-time cat owner:
· Before bringing your pet home
· Taking Care of an Indoor Cat
· What does a cat need to be happy?

Cats are one of the best furry friends to humans. Owning a cat is a divine pleasure and a big responsibility indeed. I am performing the duties for the last ten years.

In this article, I will share my understanding. General healthcare tips and some guidelines, some of the routines cats follow that a cat owner needs to know.

Yes, cats are very strict in their systematic daily life. So if you want to be your cat’s favorite Hooman you need to know the followings.

You need a list of things to buy or to have at your home to be a responsible cat mom or cat dad.

Checklist as a first-time cat owner:

  • Cat food dry-age 6 months +
  • Cat food wet — age less than 6 months
  • Cat litter
  • Litter box
  • Cat shampoo
  • Nail clipper
  • Fur brush
  • Steel bowls for food and drinking water
  • Cat carry bag/ Cat travel bag/ Cat carry basket

Before bringing your pet home

As a beginner, you need to know that it requires some preparation before bringing the pet cat home. It is better to adopt a kitten than a grown-up cat. The reason is grown-up cats are hard to handle and make them indoor cats over a baby kitten. On the other hand, a newborn baby or kitten needs much concentration as they are delicate.

If you are planning to adopt a cat, make sure you have the following equipment at home before your pet is at home:

  • Litter box with litter.
  • Cat food
  • Water bowl
  • Cat-friendly home.

The moment you bring the cat home, show the baby cat its litter box. Offer some food as a welcome treat. Make sure your house is safe for the baby kitten. Add net in the windows.

In case of an unplanned welcoming of a kitten, make sure you arrange those necessary things soon.

Taking Care of an Indoor Cat

Keeping a cat home is exciting! At the same time, you have taken the obligation of that pure soul who is now totally dependent on you. So what are the points you need to focus on when taking care of a cat?


It does not matter whether your pet is a Persian, Bengal, Scottish, or mixed breed cat or kitten food can be divided directly into two types. When choosing food, it is vital to keep in mind that cats are obligatory carnivores. Carnivores refer to living creatures that do not eat vegetables. Obligatory Carnivores mean animals that require meat in their diet of more than 50%. So, cats must eat meat in their diet.

i) Store-bought cat food: Several brands are producing cat food. These are available in different flavors. Store-bought food contains balanced nutrition for the daily need of a cat. Necessary amino acids and vitamins are available in these cat foods. Even though eating store-bought cat food for a long time is not good for the stomach. On the other hand, they need some veggie as well. So you can change cat food sometimes and offer some homemade food with added vegetables.

ii) Home-made at food: Chicken meat, chicken liver, fish, and carrot, pumpkin, rice is some options for homemade cat food. These items can be shuffled and mixed or blended to make a healthy diet for your pet. Sometimes offer fresh grass to your cat. It helps them with good digestion.


Grooming is a magic wand! It creates a vast effect on cats. It is a way to tell your furry friend that you care. By nature, cats love to stay clean. They spend a large span of their life cleaning themselves. If you are doing these cleaning on behalf of them so they will surely love you.

Grooming has some parts.

  • Bathing: We all know cats hate water. You will need to apply tricks here. Always use warm water for bathing. Use cat shampoo for smooth and shiny fur. Wash thoroughly to remove the shampoo. Remember to brush your cat before bathing. Dry your cat thoroughly.
  • Nail: Bathing is the time when you trim claws using a clipper.
  • Ear: Put cotton balls into the ear to resist water going into the ears. More discussion about cat ears is down below.
  • Teeth: Use cat toothpaste and brushes to clean tiny teeth.

You can do all types of grooming during bath time. You only need to be patient and use soft, adorable expressions to your cute cat. Make your dear cat understand that it's grooming time with love.

Trust me! Your cat will not disturb you when understanding that it is their grooming time.


It is surprisingly valid that our furry pal loves to sleep at least 15 hours every day. It is not a good idea to disturb cats during their sleep. It makes them upset and irritated at you. Contrary, your loving cat will love you more when you let them sleep peacefully. Never forget to offer some food at every break from their sleep.

About the sleeping zone… indoor cat feels free to sleep at any possible or impossible place in your home as it is their home!!!

Home! Meow Home!!!


The litter box is one of the most valuable mechanisms when caring for a cat. From my personal experience, I will say that it is that tool that helps you to understand how is your loveable cat. If the cat is using the litter box in time, that means the cat is okay, and vice versa.

To keep the box neat -

  • Clean the box daily. Cats never like to use a dirty litter box.
  • Scrub the box once every week. Add fresh litter.
  • Use air freshener to remove odor.
  • Place baking soda beneath litter dust to avoid a bad smell.
  • Place the litter box in an open space (balcony) or the bathroom.


A vet is the cute short form of a Veterinarian. A vet is an animal doctor. You need to pay a visit to the cat care center or animal clinic near your house, where you can consult with a cat Veterinarian for a routine checkup. During the following cases, you will need your Vet.

  • Vaccination. Make your cat vaccinated through a registered veterinarian every year. Cats can be vaccinated as soon as they are three months old. This vaccination will make your baby safe from deadly viruses, also you and your family members from infections from cat bites and scratches.
  • Preventive Care Checkups: Pay a visit to your Vet for routine checkups to determine health issues your pet may face. Kittens need checkups every 3/4 weeks up to 4 months. Adult cats (aged between 1 to 8 years) need checkups once every year. A geriatric cat (age eight years or more) needs a checkup every 4/6 months. These visits will help you to identify cats’ internal organs’ wellness and necessary treatment on time.


Some ordinary health issues/some problems and home remedies accordingly.

  • Furball: To avoid furball/ furball vomiting/ fur over furniture, sofa; brush your cat daily.
  • Fur shedding: Fur shedding is common in cats during hot weather. Get rid of this by brushing their fur twice daily. Wipe their body with a wet towel. Change the drinking water every 4 hours. Make them drink water frequently.
  • Oral odor: Rub teeth with your finger during bath time. Offer fresh drinking water every time. Sometimes offer fresh green grass.
  • Ear mites: You will find black spots inside the ear, shaking their head frequently, itching ears with hind legs. Ear mites problem has occurred. Olive oil is the best solution here. Take the cat to the grooming spot. Show affection. Ease your pet. Add drops of olive oil to tissue paper. Rub the tissue paper inside the ears. Use cotton buds to clean mites. Repeat every next day; for up to four weeks. Always be gentle to your cat.
  • Feline Acne: Teenager cats face acne around their chin. It happens when they use plastic bowls to eat and drink. So, use stainless steel or ceramic pot for their food or drink. For the home remedy, use a drop of white vinegar added with a teaspoon of water. Rub the solution in the infected area every three days.
  • Fleas: Spray citrus and water solution on the whole body to eliminate fleas.
  • Skin Irritation: Take apple cider vinegar and water mixed in a spray bottle. Spray on the cat’s body. You can also use this solution during bath time.

What does a cat need to be happy?

Our cute little furry friend needs nothing but love to be happy. Little attention, affection, and little quality time spent with Hooman; are all they want.

You can purchase toys for them. Make a comfortable and cozy room for them. These will make them happy. But spending some time with you will make them the happiest cat in the world!

So, talk to your cat. Play with your kitty. Feed them sitting beside. Pay attention when they call you.

These will provide your little cat with that precious happiness they are looking for.

But you know what? These will make your heart feel heavenly!

An unknown writer once said-

If I had a dollar for every time my cat made me smile, I would be a millionaire!