How I Start Content Writing Journey

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My Findings of Content Writing and a Quick Guide for Beginners.

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As a free thinker, I love observing and taking notes on superficial details. It encouraged me to write content on the topic that I like. In this procedure of researching how to start content writing from home, I found several details. I have put these findings together in a step-by-step method. Hope this will be helpful if you are a beginner.

· What is my understanding of Content Writing
· Is content writing and blogging the same?
· My Finding

What is my understanding of Content Writing

As a beginner, there were lots of questions that hit me. What is content writing, how does it work, what are skills I would need, do I need any course to complete, and will it help me to earn money or not.

I didn't hesitate to research online to go deep into content writing. So according to me, content writing is…….

When someone is trying to explain something in detail in a written format that is content writing. Here, the topic is the content and the writing is the writing. Simple!

Now the question is, then why are people so hyped about it. That is because when it comes to you as a task, there will surely be a format and some rules to follow.

Is content writing and blogging the same?

Blogging and content writing are not the same but similar. Similar to the way that the writer is writing their understanding in both cases. In blogging, an author is in an informal casual space where it is unrestricted to think, give an opinion, and limit words. On the other hand, content writing is more of a formal platform with rules and guidelines to write to achieve a goal set by the employer.

My Finding

From my study about content writing, I have found various things to maintain when writing content. Also, it comes with some other features which need to pay attention to when thinking about writing content.

I have divided these various items into four sections.

The flow of Content Writing



Niche is the segment one writer is writing on. The market has several niches which are segmented further. For example: pet > cat > cat food. One needs to decide which niche to write on.

Stay Up-to-date

You have to note every update about your niche so make your content writing undated. also stay updated about content writing, SEO, market, content writing tips, etc.

Headline and Sub-headline

Every content writing will have a Headline which is the Title of the content. This title has to be clear, specific, on point, and catchy. The subheading is an expansion of the title to tell something more about the story. It should be very tricky in one simple line. You give a glace of your story here.


Once you decide on the topic and headline, now it’s time to research the topic. It is the part where most of your time and focus should show. Remember, the more profound research, the more acceptable story. Read ten to twenty articles on your topic, gather knowledge and then write in your language.


SEO — Search Engine Optimization, means writing your story with keywords that help Google to find your story to the related topic search and promote it to the viewers.

How to search keywords?? Write your topic in the Google Search Bar, go down and look for related search options. Those are your keywords. You can also use the LSI website to search for keywords. Use the primary (main) keyword in the headline, sub-headline, and in the first para. Use secondary keywords every 200 to 300 words. Do not spam them. Use them in a natural way of talking.

Words Limit

It is essential to decide on words for the whole story and each section as well. It will help you to write limited so it will not become unnecessarily long or short.

Introduction and Conclusion

One more section where pay attention at a high. The introduction of your story should show the path and the possible destination of the story. The reader should get the idea of what you want to tell, and what your story is about.

The conclusion should sum up everything you explained in the story. Kind of give a summary.

The introduction and conclusion should fit within 150 words each.

Make an Outline

The outline of a story is the structure or a pathway on which your story will walk. After reading 5 to 6 articles of your research you will get an idea of what your storyline would be, what are the topics you will like to cover, what will come first and what will be second. This outline will direct you through your story.

Stick to the topic

Once your research and outline are done now start writing. During writing it is crucial to keep in mind that the story should not go out of line. The topic should be proper and focused. The reader should get the information by reading the headline. In short, stick to the topic.


The first part was a back-and-forth on the technical assignment that you need to meet which every other content writer will do as well. So what makes you different from other authors?
The following matters are the key that you will keep in your mind to stand out in the gathering.


CTA stands for Call To Action. It means whatever you are writing leads the reader to some actions or not. These types are much more attractive than just paragraphs. Any kind of step or point leads the readers to the desired actions which helps writers to get the desired views. Steps, points, processes, flowcharts, numbering, and bullets are the ways to provide the composition with a clear scenery. Readers can glance over the points and get a punch to read in detail.


The reader of your story should get a proper start which will drive them to a great finish by a smooth ride. it must not be bumpy or rough. What I am trying to say is to tell the story with a smooth flow from opening to end.

Unique Voice

When composing a blog never hesitated to write in your tone of speaking. That is a unique item that only you carry in this world. The content you are writing should carry a remarkable voice too. But as it is a formal platform so you have to deliver your uniqueness formally. That will deliver a style that is easily separated from others. This extraordinary tone can be found only if you are putting your self voice in writing without reluctance and with a little trick.

Easy Language

Never think that your content writing will be an extraordinary piece if you can use uncommon words. Never! It will never work! Rather, you have to write using very very simple words and sentences that readers use in their day-to-day life. If readers can understand your content in a first reading they will be satisfied and you will be successful.

Short & Simple

Do not make the composition unnecessarily long. it creates boredom and sometimes it creates confusion too as it takes readers out of track. the best way is to explain each part specifically. Be specific, be on point.

Include Your Story

Every time you write content you can include your experience there. positive or negative experiences, your point of view, etc. This makes the content more engaging.

Entertaining and Engaging

this is very important and I always pay my full attention here. I always try to write in a language as if I am talking in front of my reader. I don't want to see their boring expression toward me.

Make your composition entertaining by delivering language. make it entertaining with punches and stories. Maintain the flow. It's a key to keeping your reader spending more time on your page. So your writing will be prompted more and will rank higher.

Revision is A Must

After writing the content, revise it entirely. It helps you to locate mistakes. These mistakes can be spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, or grammatical mistakes, and it also helps to get the flow of the composition. These revisions help to improve the quality of flawless content. To minimize these types of mistakes and boost your writing speed, never feel shy to take the assistance of software like Grammarly.


You made good research, you wrote quality content. Now it's time to publish it. Let me make it clear about the Publication part.

You put your hard work into the piece of content and surely you will like to give it your name and also showcase it in front of the world, you want to rank in Google. The publication helps you here. Now there are two ways.

First, buy your website and publish there.

Second, use platforms like Medium, Linkedin, and WordPress. These websites will allow you to publish your writings using your name, and provide you with a URL that you can copy-paste anywhere.


Whether you are writing a blog post or writing content, the goal is to earn money. By writing SEO-friendly content you can earn money by promoting your personal website. Otherwise, you can work as a freelancer content writer. Make your portfolio and create an account on bit for work and start working.

Let me know in which way this content was helpful for you.

Best of luck..!!!