How I Start Content Writing Journey

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What is my understanding of Content Writing

As a beginner, there were lots of questions that hit me. What is content writing, how does it work, what are skills I would need, do I need any course to complete, and will it help me to earn money or not.

Is content writing and blogging the same?

Blogging and content writing are not the same but similar. Similar to the way that the writer is writing their understanding in both cases. In blogging, an author is in an informal casual space where it is unrestricted to think, give an opinion, and limit words. On the other hand, content writing is more of a formal platform with rules and guidelines to write to achieve a goal set by the employer.

My Finding

From my study about content writing, I have found various things to maintain when writing content. Also, it comes with some other features which need to pay attention to when thinking about writing content.

The flow of Content Writing




The first part was a back-and-forth on the technical assignment that you need to meet which every other content writer will do as well. So what makes you different from other authors?
The following matters are the key that you will keep in your mind to stand out in the gathering.


You made good research, you wrote quality content. Now it's time to publish it. Let me make it clear about the Publication part.


Whether you are writing a blog post or writing content, the goal is to earn money. By writing SEO-friendly content you can earn money by promoting your personal website. Otherwise, you can work as a freelancer content writer. Make your portfolio and create an account on bit for work and start working.



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