Why My Cat Loves Me?

10 Reasons Why My Cat Loves Me.

Hooman’s creating a heart with hands keeping the cat’s face inside as a symbol of Love.
  1. I freshen up my cat — I do grooming my cat regularly. Bathing, nail-clipping, ear-cleaning, and eye-cleaning are included in these grooming. I keep the litter-box clean every day. His utensils are always fresh. My cat loves me more when I do all sorts of cleaning.
  1. I respond to his mews — What is the time of the day does not matter, fluffy is mewing for me is all matters. My fluffy knows that whenever he will call, he will find his Hooman. It builds amazing trust and bonds.
  1. I talk to my cat — My cat treats me like a CAT, and I treat my cat like a HUMAN. This is how the communication grows up so smoothly. What’s up, how are you, do you like the food, are you sleepy, are you counting birds, I am sorry, let’s go, good boy, are the words I exchange with my cat as if he is a human. The interesting fact is he responds to these all!!
  2. I learned cat language — I have done lots of research and have observed my cat’s body language to understand him. I learned his tail positions’ meaning and I conduct accordingly. I offer a slow blink, head butts, rubbing my face against him. I say “I love you” a lot with a soothing voice and make a cat kiss. . These are ways to show my cat that I understand his way of love. It delivers a message that I am loving his presence around me.
  3. I never shout at my cat — I never remember shouting or using any harsh voice or any kind of rude words to my cat. Even if my cat has done anything miserable, I have stayed quiet. If I need to teach my cat about that miserable stunt, I try tricks that prevent him from repeating that act.
  4. We spent quality time — I often sit with my cat, make a short conversation with him, or just sit quietly enjoying the view outside. It is positive interaction with your favorite pet. It enables your pet to be consoled physically and mentally. It also helps to create a substantial bond with your pet.
  5. I play with my cat —My cat and I play regularly. I make some time every day to play with my cat. He feels very energetic during this playtime. It is a good movement for indoor cats, which helps them to burn unwanted fat. Adding to this, it is a way I am saying — Buddy, I love you!
  6. I involve my cat in my work — Cats are curious creatures by nature. Involve him in my work provides a lot of positive reinforcement. They feel connected to Hooman’s life in this way. Whenever I am working, he comes to visit and I never push him away. Rather, I let him sit around me and see my stuff. I do not disturb him when he is observing my work. If he is trying to touch something from my stuff, I monitor and allow him to touch that safely. He feels satisfied and leaves.
  7. I keep my cat safe — My house is 100% cat-proof. No dangerous stuff, no outsider disturbance for him, and the windows have cat safety nets. He is free to move around this house. No blind cords or loops around. During an outside visit, I am around him to protect him from unwanted touch. That’s how my cat knows that I am a good shelter for him.
  8. My cat trusts me — It was not a difficult task to earn his trust. I respect his personal space, independence, his choice. I allow him to enjoy his “me time”. I never force him to do anything that he is not willing. It converts positive vibes. I do not allow other people to disturb him as well. He knows that he is in the safest place when I am around. These are the reasons why he trusts me.



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